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Cyber Breach Response That Actually Works


Destructive ransomware attacks, disastrous data breaches, and a host of other cyber events are now headline news, negatively impacting numerous companies and millions of individuals around the world. Now more than ever, it is crucial that organizations prepare for cyberattacks and increase their cyber resilience as they expand their digital footprint and online presence. Cyber risk is no longer a hypothetical factor in the decision making process—senior managers, Chief Security Officers, and other key leaders need to understand the organizational aspects of cyber incident response to prepare for significant cyber events, deal with the repercussions of a security breach, and minimize the impact of a cybersecurity attack.

Cyber Breach Response That Actually Works is an authoritative source of information on building and managing a cyber breach response program. Rather than focusing on overly technical, step-by-step investigation and remediation techniques, this accessible resource discusses the bigger picture of where incident response fits within an overall cybersecurity program, and provides the tools necessary for designing and implementing a program from a governance perspective. Clear and concise chapters, assuming only a basic knowledge of cybersecurity and risk management concepts, provide a framework-agnostic approach for managing residual risk through cyber incident response, creating an effective and holistic strategy, and building capabilities that meets organizational needs.

Written by a security professional with years of practical incident response experience with Fortune 500 companies, this real-world guide covers incident response strategy, governance, incident management, breach investigations, laws and regulations, and more. You will be breached; it is inevitable. Cyber Breach Response That Actually Works will help you be ready when it happens.

Cyber Breach Response That Actually Works explains how to:


  • Identify drivers for cyber breach response and create a sound strategy

  • Build an effective Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)

  • Increase cyber resilience through planning and preparedness

  • Minimize the impact of cyberattacks and prevent large-scale breaches

  • Decrease the cost of cyberattack response

  • Build a technology toolkit to accelerate response activities

  • Effectively investigate breaches and hunt for threats

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